Happy New Year!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Happy New Year!  We’re looking forward to a year filled with fun quilting projects, and sharing them here with you.  

We decided to set a few goals for ourselves, just to help us remember what we wanted to do this year.  Last year Susan and Sharon discussed some goals and agreed to have the same goals for 2018.  This year we decided to each make a list of our own goals, so here we go!

Ms P’s Goals:

  1. We will post something for you to read or view at least once a week, right here.  Look for new designs, block of the month, blog hops, tutorials, and whatever else we decide to share.  It should be fun, so we hope that you’ll stop by and visit from time to time.
  2. We will continue creating new & whimsical patterns to add to our Ms P Designs’ pattern shop.  Our 2019 list is made, and we’re progressing on the design process.  Our goal is to have at least one new pattern release each month.  Just wait until you see what we’ve planned!

Susan’s Goals for 2019:

My biggest issue is that I have a difficult time staying on point and so I usually have several projects going at the same time.  That way if I feel like piecing, I piece.  If I feel like applique, I applique.  To be honest with you, our goal to finish a UFO each quarter of 2018 stressed me out a little, so I am simplifying this year.  Here are my four goals for 2019:

  1. Finish the king-sized quilt for our bed.  I have over half of the top put together, most of the other blocks are pieced (at least in part) and I need to decide on borders.  As part of my project, I also need to convince my hubby that the tons of blue that I have in the quilt are really blue, not purpleBlue is his favorite color!
  2. Use the lovely fabrics that I have collected for a Quilts of Valor quilt.  My favorite father-in-law (the only one I have) served in Vietnam and I’m thinking that it would be sweet to have the quilt, that I make, presented to him to thank him for his service to our country.
  3. I love to read!  However, between drawing critters, creating patterns and making shop samples, I have not been reading at all (other than ucky stuff that I read for work).  I miss that part of my life, so this year my goal is to read a little each day.  I just started reading a fabulous series about the people involved in the infamous “War of the Roses” in England.  Yup, you guessed it!  The history nerd in me loves to read historical novels or historically based fiction.  Throw some romance or intrigue in the mix and this girl is a happy camper!
  4. Take time out of shop business to create items that have caught my eye or have inspired me!  I have some adorable table runner patterns that I am planning to make as gifts.  (Perhaps I need some to keep too!)

Sharon’s Goals for 2019:

My “thing” is that I tend to focus (maybe too hard, almost to the point of obsession at times) on just one thing, and then I neglect other things that might be even more fun.  And I tend to get flustered when I don’t have a neat & tidy place to get things done.  And I LOVE (love, love, love) lists!  (Yes, I’ve confessed this before!)  If something is written on a list, you can be sure that I will do it (eventually).  So here’s a list of my goals for 2019:

  1. I simply must explore (and organize) my “extensive private textile collection”, also known as a fabric stash.  I get overwhelmed (and unproductive because I can’t find stuff) when my things get too disorganized.  The tiny hall closet where I store my fabrics has reached “critical mess” so it is time to take it in hand.  My ultimate plan is to re-claim most of the guest room closet as a fabric storage area.  The guest room has a nice walk-in closet that is currently filled with my dear son’s things. He moved out more than two years ago, and so it is time for his “stuff” to move too.  Yes, I am plotting. . .
  2. I liked the quarterly UFO challenge, and will continue that for 2019.  I didn’t mind being “forced” to finish a few things, and it is nice to have a smaller pile of UFO’s at the start of this year.  I don’t have a plan yet for which projects I will tackle, but I have projects a-plenty.  I showed a few pictures of this year’s UFO candidates on the quarterly UFO post last week.  I may even unearth a few more UFO’s to finish when I get started on the aforementioned organizational effort.
  3. I enjoy being outdoors in my garden.  The sound of the birds, the warmth of the sun, the colors of the flowers are relaxing.  But alas, my garden has been neglected for the past few years, due to my focus on our Ms P business start-up, so this year I’m going clean up the garden and make it beautiful once more.  I shall brave the pollen, insects, and heat and make my garden great again!
  4. I really love spending time outdoors and taking photographs of what I see.  And I enjoy seeing the “Wandering Camera” blog posts from our blogging friend Carol (Just Let Me Quilt), so I intend to “steal” her idea.  It will be fun to go exploring with my camera.  Oh the adventures we’ll have!

So, as we make progress on our goals, we’ll keep you posted via updates here.  We promise that there will be some pictures too!  Sorry that we didn’t have pictures this time.  It won’t happen again, we promise!

What goals have you set for 2019?  Is there something specific that you plan to accomplish this year?  We’d love to read your comments.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan




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  1. It was a goals post. Hard to have pics of things you haven’t done yet! =) All the goals are great ones. I can see the little difference in personality at work here. =) I look forward to seeing each of your projects, and what’s posted for the business, too. Is it really hard to post one a week? I thought you did fine last year? =)

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