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Kool Kitties Part 1

Hi Quilting Friends,

Do you ever wonder what your cat does while you are away?  A friend of mine revealed that it is her supposition that her cats party all day!  The thing I love about cats is that they do their own thing and are not needy at the end of a long day, like my dogs!

So what exactly do cats do all day?  Ms. P. Designs USA has found the answers, and we’re proud to introduce our newest quilt design,  “Kool Kitties”! 

For those of you that are wondering about the offset block, it is a Virginia Reel quilt block that originated well before the Civil War.  Imagine beautiful ladies dancing to Scottish or Irish music and swirling with their partners in this classical dance.  It was one of the oldest dances enjoyed by the colonists and named after the State of Virginia.  The first recorded instructions for the dance was in 1685.  I think that the first time I saw the dance was when I watched “Gone With the Wind” many years ago!

Kool Kitties Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Some kitties just like to sleep all day, preferably on a pile of comfy pillows or quilts.

Sleepy Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Other kitties love to be bad!  There are SO many ways to get into mischief around the house.

Bad Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Some kitties are way too cool!

Sophisticated Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

And other kitties just enjoy viewing their own images in the mirror. 

Pretty Princess Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

This kitty loves to go scuba diving (I think the green fish remembers last time he visited the aquarium).

Scuba Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Some kitties are artistic.  What a creative cat!

Artistic Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

And some kitties love to learn!  Do you think he is reading “Go Mouse Go”,  “The Science of Meow” or “Why Dogs Are Dumb, Volume 5”?

Smart Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks for visiting our blog today!  Join us again next week to see the rest of the litter!

Happy quilting!!! 


The “Kool Kitties” quilt pattern is available to purchase, right here!  If you’re interested in the individual block patterns, visit Ms P’s Pattern Shop to browse and buy!

Kool Kitties Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
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