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Kool Kitties Part 2

Hi Quilting Friends,

Last week we learned what Kool Kitties do when we aren’t home.  In case you missed it, here is a picture of the entire Kool Kitties quilt, and you can read about the first set of Kool Kitties in our blog post.

For those of you that are wondering about the offset block, it is a Virginia Reel quilt block that originated well before the Civil War.  Imagine beautiful ladies dancing to Scottish or Irish music and swirling with their partners in this classical dance.  It was one of the oldest dances enjoyed by the colonists and named after the State of Virginia.  The first recorded instructions for the dance was in 1685.  I think that the first time I saw the dance was when I watched “Gone With the Wind” many years ago!

Kool Kitties Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Kool kitties can also be hungry kitties.

Hungry Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Or even shy kitties.

Shy Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Some kitties love to sing and be the center of attention.  That’s fine, as long as they aren’t singing beneath our bedroom window in the middle of the night!

Karaoke Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

While other kitties love to party!

Party Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

Baby kitties enjoy their toys.

Baby Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

And some kitties are very friendly!

Friendly Kitty by Ms P Designs USA

I decided to use colorful pieced Virginia Reel quilt blocks to complete my design.  The blocks seem to dance across the quilt, moving the eyes from one cute kitty to the next!

Virginia Reel block by Ms P Designs USA

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the rest of the kitties!  I had so much fun making them!

Happy quilting!!! 


The “Kool Kitties” quilt pattern is available to purchase, right here!  If you’re interested in the individual block patterns, visit Ms P’s Pattern Shop to browse and buy!

Kool Kitties Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

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