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Once Upon a Story

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the 5th Annual Seams To Be Sew Row Along!  This year’s theme is “Once Upon a Story”.  We’re looking forward to seeing the projects that the other participating designers created, and to sharing our design with you!

Before we jump into our story, let’s take a moment to thank our hard-working host, Marian, at Seams To Be Sew!  Thanks Marian! We’re excited to be included in the line-up for year #5!  And a huge thank you to Northcott Fabrics for providing fabrics that we used to make the quilt model that you’ll see in this post!  We just love working with Northcott Fabrics. And thank you to the rest of the sponsors who kindly provided giveaway prizes for the event.

Hey, diddle diddle! 

Let’s get started ! We have a story to tell you, so gather ’round!  Today we’re investigating a very mysterious case.  

The Cat and the Fiddle. 

Our exhaustive research doesn’t reveal how the cat manages to hold a violin with his paws, who taught him to play, where he took lessons, or what tune or genre of music he prefers. 

The Cow jumped over the Moon.
Cow and Moon by Ms P Designs USA

We’re wondering why this even happened.  Did something startle the cow, precipitating her leap into space?  Or was the jump in response to a challenge?  (“So you think you can jump, do ya?  Betcha that you can’t jump over the moon.  Go on!  Give it a try.”) 

The Little Dog laughed to see such sport.
Little Dog by Ms P Designs USA

Why is this little dog laughing? Did he think that the cat & cow were hilarious, or perhaps someone told a silly pun?  We can’t be sure, and that little dog isn’t saying anything!  He’s claiming his 5th Amendment rights today.

And the Dish ran away with the Spoon!
Dish and Spoon by Ms P Designs USA

Why were they running away, and where were they going?  And why would the Spoon go with the Dish?  Was it “true love”?  Were they concerned that the cow might land on them when she returns to Earth? They couldn’t be reached for a comment.

So here’s the whole story:

Hey Diddle Diddle by Ms P Designs USA

We decided to use “Hey Diddle Diddle” for this year’s row, even though the story provides more questions than answers, LOL.  Susan designed the four cute appliques to represent the characters in our story, and Sharon came up with the design for the pieced background.  We chose the 30″ by 30″ square row size because it provides plenty of space to tell the story.

We chose several gorgeous fabrics from Northcott’s Toscana line (Our favorite fabric in the whole wide world! Sew beautiful!) to make the block backgrounds and applique pieces, along with some other fabrics from our “stash”.  Here are the Northcott fabrics that we chose for our model:

We decided to make a cute nursery quilt with our block. Finished size is 34″ by 44″. You may purchase the pattern right here for just $10 USD! Once payment is confirmed by PayPal, we’ll send the pattern file to your email inbox within one business day. Sew adorable!

Hey Diddle Diddle Quilt by Ms P Designs USA

Thanks again for stopping by today!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing “Hey Diddle Diddle!”  Don’t forget to visit the rest of today’s participating bloggers (Click here for the complete schedule) .  If you’d like to browse the rest of our quilt pattern designs, please visit Ms P’s Pattern Shop.

Happy quilting,

Sharon & Susan

But wait!  There’s more.  Visit us in December for our “12 Days of Christmas” blog series.

Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 by Ms P Designs USA

And come back again in January for our “Black & White Quilt Along”!  It’s going to be SEW much fun!

Black and White Quilt Along by Ms P Designs USA

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Update: Congratulations to our winner, Jennifer Rowley Standen! Jennifer won the “Inspired LED Lighting System Kit” giveaway. Worldwide shipping, paid by the prizewinner. Retail value = $30.00 Click on the picture below to see the product details. (I think that I NEED one of these!)

And here’s the second giveaway, a copy of EQ8! Shipping via digital download. Retail value = $239.95. Click here to see complete product details. (Just think of how much fun you could have, playing with your quilt designs. . .)

This giveaway begins on September 3 and ends on October 8, 2019. Click on the EQ8 image below to enter!

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