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Wild Wild West, Episode 2

Howdy Quilting Friends,

Last week we introduced you to all of the friendly dogs from our Wild Wild West quilt. Such a bunch of characters! Today we’re going out to inspect the livestock, and we’ll also meet a few of the Natives who inhabit the Western Plains. As you may have guessed, today’s characters are (mostly) of the feline persuasion.

Wild Wild West by Ms P Designs USA

And, for your listening enjoyment, a magnificent song that I recall playing when I was in the high school band, way back when. . .

And here we go! Meet the rest of our Wild West crew:

Mustang by Ms P Designs USA

If you wanted to go anywhere out West, the best mode of transportation was the trusty horse! Available in an assortment of colors and temperaments, the horse was a reliable companion for the hearty Western settlers and the Natives as well. This feisty little filly will be a great saddle horse after she’s been broken in.

Longhorn by Ms P Designs USA

Before the advent of barbed, wire the cattle out West would roam at will, feeding on the grasses and finding water in the rivers and creeks. Cowboys would assist with the birth of calves in the spring, and then round up the herd in the fall for the annual cattle drive. This cute little critter is a genuine Texas longhorn!

Chieftain by Ms P Designs USA

Gray Whiskers is Chieftain of his band. His wisdom and his experiences in battle and on the hunt guide his decisions for the benefit of his People. Gray Whiskers’ headdress is impressive, with a plethora of eagle feathers representing strength and freedom. His robes are richly decorated with quills from porcupines, colored with dyes from native plants.

Maiden by Ms P Designs USA

Prairie Flower has been reaping the rewards of her garden. She is grateful for a bountiful harvest of maize, as it is a staple in many of the meals that she prepares for her family. Succotash, hominy, and corn pudding are just a few of the enticing dishes that Prairie Flower can prepare with her harvest. Maize is delicious, with the added benefit that it attracts tasty mice and other delicious rodents.

Warrior by Ms P Designs USA

Running Mouse is taking a moment to enjoy the grandeur of the Western landscape. Perhaps he is thinking about the day’s successful hunt, and working on the story (slightly embellished for entertainment value) that he will tell at the campfire this evening. Running Mouse has counted coup against his enemies in battle, receiving sacred eagle feathers for his bravery.

Railway Worker by Ms P Designs USA

Si Am, the Siamese cat, is our tribute to the estimated 11,000 to 20,000 Chinese workers who helped build the Western railroads. The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 marked the end of the “Wild” West, easing the way for thousands of settlers. Suddenly a journey which would have taken six months by land or six weeks by sea took only seven days. Train travel made heading out West much safer and less expensive.

Indian Blanket by Ms P Designs USA

This colorful pieced block was based upon a section from Native American rug, featuring colors that are frequently used in Native weaving. Red represents the Earth, blue represents the sky, and white represents the days. I love how the vibrant colors and simple design complement the Western characters.

Please visit Ms P’s Pattern Shop to browse our Wild Wild West patterns! If you’d like to purchase the quilt pattern, it is available right here:

Wild Wild West by Ms P Designs USA

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning all about how the West was FUN!

Happy quilting,


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  1. I love these names, especially Gray Whiskers! These are so cute. I really need to finish up some of these lingering quilts so I can make one of these.


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