Mid-January PHD Progress Report

Hi Quilting Friends,

One of my personal goals for 2020 is to participate in the online quilting community, and so I’ve chosen to work on my PHD in 2020 with Gail at QuiltingGail!

After I chose my UFO projects for this year, I made a little spreadsheet and added information about the steps that I will need to complete in order to finish each one. I even color-coded the spreadsheet because I’m fancy that way, LOL. Project #12 needed just two easy steps and Ta-Da! Finished. Other projects have a much longer path to completion, but having everything broken down into manageable steps will make it easier for me to “chunk” the progress.

I’m a full-time high school teacher, so I took advantage of my winter break and made some good progress on several projects. Don’t expect this much progress every time; it won’t happen again until summer break.

Project #1: Family Reunion Signature Quilt

All done! I had nearly a week off from work at the start of the month, so I did some sewing! I’ll write more about this when I link up with “One Monthly Goal” at the end of January.

Family Reunion Quilt A by Ms P Designs USA
Project #2: Make something with these spare HST squares

I’ve trimmed up the red & white squares to make a little table topper/ wall hanging for Christmas. (My own design!) It needs to be quilted, so it’s still in the “unfinished” category. Progress is progress though. I haven’t touched the blue & gold squares yet; still thinking about them.

Christmas Table Topper by Ms P Designs USA
Project #3: Lazy Log Cabin Blocks

In progress. I’ve started making the additional blocks that I’ll need, and will make more during the next couple of months. It is an easy project to pick up & put down again, so I’m in no hurry.

Project #8: Finish the Under Construction Quilt

The applique worker blocks are finished! Sew cute, and I’m excited to get started on the vehicle blocks.

Construction Workers by Ms P Designs USA
Project #11: Wonky Halloween Sampler Quilt

The drawings are finished and I’ve printed the piecing diagrams. I’ll start sewing this after I’ve finished project #8.

Project #12: Finish Great-Grandma’s “Lone Star” Quilt

I’ve added a deep red binding to finish the fraying edges. I love red, and it made the red in the rest of the Lone Star really “pop”! The rest of the piece is in pretty good condition, so Great-Grandma’s quilt can be enjoyed again (carefully and gently).

Until next time!

Happy quilting,


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8 thoughts on “Mid-January PHD Progress Report

  1. Wow! When do you retire? Can you imagine all you’ll get done then? You made great progress this 1st half of January. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some time to work on these again this 2nd half.

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    1. Thanks! I have a few more years before I plan to retire, but I’m looking forward to more time to create. I’m hoping to squeeze in some sewing this weekend; we have Monday off from school!


  2. Sharon, you are making great progress! I love your spreadsheet with all of your projects broken down into separate tasks! It’s brilliant!
    Finishing your great-grandma’s quilt must feel fantastic!!
    Thanks for linking up to PHD in 2020 Progress Report!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

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  3. So many great projects there! I love your signature quilt. I have some similar blocks made and ready for signatures. I like the center you used with yours. I’m so glad you finished your great grandmother’s Lonestar. It turned out great!

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