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Winter Blues Blog Hop

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “Winter Blues” blog hop, hosted by our friend Carla at “Creatin’ in the Sticks”! We’re excited to participate and to see the posts from the rest of the participating bloggers.

As you can deduce from the title, this blog hop is all about the color BLUE! As we began looking at the quilts that we’ve created for Ms P Designs, we realized that we use a LOT of blue!

Here’s a quick slide show to illustrate:

  • Blue and More Blue by Ms P Designs USA
  • happy huskies by ms p designs usa
  • space race quilt by ms p designs usa
  • Polar Pals Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Born in the Rockies by Ms P Designs USA
  • Hibernation Vacation by Ms P Designs USA
  • Sharon's Football SuperStars Quilt
  • Polar Animals Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Playful Woodsies Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Snowflake Miniature Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Hunter's Star Miniature Quilt Pattern in Blues by Ms P Designs USA
  • Wild Bunch Band by Ms P Designs USA
  • Reef Explorer by Ms P Designs USA
  • Reef Buddies, quilt pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Elephant Quilt with Stars by Ms P Designs USA
  • Polar Animals Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA

Wow! We do use a LOT of blue in our quilts. Today I’m showing off my new “Goose Trails” table runner, made up in lovely shades of blue!

Here’s a picture of “Goose Trails”:

Goose Trails Table Runner by Ms P Designs USA

I decided to make this table runner to give to my youngest son for Christmas this year. He bought a beautiful dark wood dining room table for his apartment, but it looks a bit “naked” without a pretty runner. The colors are perfect for his apartment, and they coordinate well with the dishes that we gave him last year for Christmas. He loves it!

“Goose Trails” was very easy to stitch, and I like the way the geese fly across the surface of the runner. This project used up most of the beautiful blue fabric scraps that I had on hand from the “Born in the Rockies” quilt. I added some straight-line quilting with my even feed foot, using some nice varieagated quilting thread that I had on hand.

It seems like I can’t make a project without turning it into a pattern these days. The pattern for “Goose Trails” is available for purchase right here!

Goose Trails Table Runner
  • Finished Size = 17.5″ by 41″
  • Includes step by step instructions for creating the runner
  • Just $10 USD
Goose Trails TR by Ms P Designs USA

UPDATE: Congratulations to LJ, winner of the “Goose Trails” pattern giveaway! Thanks to everyone for your visits and comments!

Thanks SO much for stopping by today! We’re glad that you took time for a visit. Keep on hopping to see the rest of today’s bloggers’ quilty eye candy, the sure cure for the “Winter Blues!”

Happy Quilting,


Here’s the list of today’s participating bloggers:

45 thoughts on “Winter Blues Blog Hop

  1. I love the colors in your Goose Trails! Actually, I love everything about it. It most be beautiful on the dark wood table. As I scrolled through your slide show of blue quilts, I kept thinking “I love that one best, no that one, no that one.” LOL You really rock blue fabric! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Good Morning! I love the design of this and the fabrics are perfect. Also, your quilting pattern really highlights the whole piece without calling attention to it. Just lovely! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Oh my goodness your blues are gorgeous. I am especially captivated with the first one in the photo show. The table runner is so pretty and I do love flying geese!

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  4. You really DO use a lot of blue! My favorite color is actually green, but I seem to use blue more often than anything – possibly because of all the soldier quilts I make, but even in other quilts, it’s predominant. I really like the table runner and would enjoy winning it, since flying geese are among my favorite things to stitch. Thanks for the chance to win it. Oh, my favorite of the blue quilts? The space one, #3, of course!

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  5. I usually respond that I don’t have a favorite color because I love scrappy quilts and use all colors. All that is true, but if I had to choose I guess I would say either blue or red. I have a redworks UFO which I hope to get to later this year.

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  6. I really enjoyed seeing your slide show – what an array of quilts! Goose Trails is wonderful – what a lucky son to have a mom that quilts. My favorite color is pink though blue is nearly neck-to-neck! 🙂

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  7. The colors of blue in your table runner are great! And yes, you do use a lot of blues in your quilts. I may have to start using more blues! They all are beautiful! I had to scrape to find some in my stash! LOL

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  8. Such a great table runner and your slide show – awesome. Blue is a great color and great for so many people in our lives. Thanks for joining the Winter Blues Blog Hop.

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  9. You certainly do use a great deal of blue in your quilts!! They are beautiful!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your pattern!!

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  10. Great slideshow & love the runner! Simple with super colors for a man. My favorite color is red. Thanks for showing us your creativity as well as sharing your ideas.

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  11. A beautiful table runner for sure, I also like how the geese layout in this project, and a … like WOW on all the “blue” quilts…. I’d like to see all the non-blue quilts now 🙂


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