November OMG? Ta-Done!

Hi Quilting Friends,

This month’s goal was to make a quilted basket with my scraps of Christmas fabric. I spent some time online, searching for a basket pattern that I liked and I found this tutorial for a scrappy quilted basket. It is the perfect size for my needs, and I finished it in an afternoon of happy sewing.

Some of my scraps were already pieced into strip sets, leftovers from the Christmas stockings that I made for my family several years ago. Having some of the sewing already started made quick work of piecing the “slab” for the basket pieces. I meant to take a picture of the quilted slab before it became a basket, but I got too excited and had it cut apart and sewn back together into a box before I remembered about the photo. Oopsie! I was clearly having fun with my project!

The lining is made from red fabric with splashes of gold, since I had quite a lot of it on hand without a specific project in mind. I think it makes the box look elegant. I played with my “fancy” stitches to make some of the piecing look a little “crazy-quilted”, and I added some ribbon scraps that were hanging out in the scrap box.

Each side of the finished box is unique, since I was using scraps. Here are some photos:

  • Side A Christmas Box by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Side C Christmas Box by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Side B Christmas Box by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Bottom of Christmas Box by Sharon @ Ms P D

I can definitely see more of these scrappy boxes in my future! And, as you might guess, I probably have enough Christmas scraps left over to make at least one more quilt top. . .

This is the only sewing that I’ve done so far this month, so I’m linking to the “PHD in 2020” update as well. There’s no point in adding my progress spreadsheet, since this project wasn’t on my original list.

Happy quilting,


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  1. making those scrap baskets is on my list. I’ve saved the pattern that the owner of the soscrappy blog shared. I’m hoping those can be my projects for the colors in 2021.

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