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Show Your Stripes!

Hi Quilting Friends,

Welcome to the “Show Your Stripes” blog hop, courtesy of our quilting friend Carla at “Creatin’ in the Sticks”. We’re excited to see all of the stellar striped projects from other participating bloggers!

As we were choosing a project to feature for this blog hop, we spent some time looking at previous efforts. Wow! We have a LOT of quilts that feature stripes! From binding, to sashing, to piecing, to appliqued animals, there are stripes galore in Ms P’s portfolio. We’re literally showing our stripes with this slide show:

  • My Hero by Ms P Designs USA
  • Under Construction Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Cement Truck Paper Pieced Block by Ms P Designs USA
  • Hibernation Vacation by Ms P Designs USA
  • Welcome to My House TR C Ms P Designs USA
  • Patriotic Star Miniature Quilt Pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Pirates' Ship Paper Pieced Quilt Block by Ms P Designs USA
  • Viking dragon boat pattern by Ms P Designs USA
  • Jumpin' Jungle Baby Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • My Hero Firefighters by Ms P Designs USA
  • Zebra by Ms P Designs USA
  • Sugarplum Zebra Dancer by Ms P Designs USA
  • Dragon's Race Car by Ms P Designs USA
  • Race Car by Ms P Designs USA
  • Strippy Hippo Quilt by Ms P Designs USA
  • Christmas Goose Trails by Ms P Designs USA
  • Tiger Ballerina by Ms P Designs USA
  • Tiger football player by Ms P Designs USA
  • Tiger applique by Ms P Designs USA

Sharon decided to create a pair of patriotic hot pads, as a way to show her stripes while protecting the hands that serve hot food! A pair of new hot pads seems to be Sharon’s go-to project, and no wonder! Here’s a picture of some of her other hot pads.

Sharon's Experienced Hot Pads by Ms P Designs USA

Not much protection there! I can certainly do better, and include some striking stripes while I’m at it.

Patriotic Star Hot Pads by Ms P Designs USA

The “Patriotic Star” block was part of our 2018 BOM program, and one of my favorites! I made two of the 7″ x 7″ square blocks, and then added a narrow frame of background fabric. I used a layer of fusible fleece and a layer of Insul-Bright to prevent burns during use. (Always a good thing!) A patriotic print on the back side, along with navy binding and a hanging loop complete the hot pads.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing our many striped projects today! How do you like to use stripes in your own quilting projects? Leave a comment- it makes our day! Please keep reading to find the list of today’s participating bloggers.

Happy quilting!


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34 thoughts on “Show Your Stripes!

  1. thank you for sharing your adorable quilt and the potholders! I really smiled seeing the old pot holders. Mine look like that too…maybe you’ve given me a great new project!!


  2. You really do get your money’s worth out of pot holders. Love the replacements and enjoyed your slide show of other striped quilty items.


  3. Great show of your stripes, ladies!! I can relate to those pot holders! I think I may try my hand at making some new ones for my kitchen!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. LOL!!! We have matching pot holders! Not the new ones of course, but the old ones look like twins to mine. I think I better get busy and make some patriotic ones now too. Love all your stripes!


  5. My potholders look just like Sharon’s…guess I need to make some new ones. I love the star with the stripes in the middle! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Great stripes from both of you! I would say Sharon definitely needed new hot pads. Or was that hop pads? =)


  7. I love using striped fabric as binding especially on Christmas and children’s quilts. The Americana stars with the center block as the red/white striped is beautiful. I love Americana quilts so I hope you don’t mind if I use your idea….Thank you.


  8. fun to see all the quilts with stipes. I just threw away some hot pads like these. oh but i have an idea with replacements now. thanks. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net


  9. You really do have a lot of stripes in the past projects. Your new hot pads are perfection. Love those red and white stripes. Thank you for the inspiration and for showing your stripes!


  10. Perfect use of the stripes! I always say I need to make new potholders and haven’t yet…this may be the push I needed.


  11. I recently used a turquoise stripe for a couple of little elephants on a baby quilt–they turned out very cute– (mama elephant had turquoise dots).


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