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Once Upon a Time. . .

Hi Quilting Friends,

Once upon a time. . .

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (which we like to call Montana), lived three beautiful little princesses. On one special occasion, their great auntie (yup, I’m just the sister of the king) gifted them with a magical book. It gave them the ability to make up their own stories!

They lived happily in a big pink castle! Of course, there is a wise and wonderful King (who they call Papa), and a beautiful Queen (who they call Gramma) , as well as a beautiful Princess, a handsome Prince, and even a knight in shining armour.

Of course, our kingdom is blessed with magical creatures. It isn’t a magical kingdom without a woodland fairy (they are in Montana after all), a wizardly wizard, a beautiful unicorn, and a ferocious dragon.

The palace guard is none other than Richard “the Kind” and the court jester is also known as Great Papa.

I know. This story is really short, but the bottom line is that they all lived happy ever after!

Happy Ever After by Ms P Designs USA
“Make Your Own Story Book” Tutorial

Here’s how to create a “Make Your Own Story” book! You aren’t limited to the fairy tale blocks with this project. Use any theme that you like, including animals, vehicles, heroes, pirates, Vikings, astronauts, dragons, etc. As long as the blocks are all the same size (ours are 7″ x 7″ finished blocks), anything goes! Click on the image to download the free PDF tutorial.

Make Your Own Story Book Tutorial by Ms P Designs USA
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Once Upon a Time by Ms P Designs USA

And they all lived happy ever after. The End.

Happy quilting,