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Hi Quilting Friends,

Happy New Year, and here we go again! I’m all set to work on my PHD in 2023; I’ve spent some time looking over my UFO’s, PHD’s, design sketches, patterns-in-progress, quilting toys, scraps, and stash fabrics. There are plenty of projects to choose between, so I’ve narrowed it down to 12, plus 2 extras in case something goes awry!

I reserve the right to substitute projects, just in case I’ve been too ambitious with my list. It’s easy to forget (in December, when I’m off work and well-rested during my 2-week Christmas break) how crazy/ busy my life and my job can become, and how little time and energy I have for sewing during the weekday evenings when school is in session. Here’s my list of projects, in no particular order!

PHD in 2023 Projects

Project #1 – Lemons Casserole Carrier

I have fabrics and a pattern set aside for this project, but I haven’t started it yet. It’s going to be a gift for someone special, probably for her birthday in July.

Projects #2 & #3 – “Bonus” HST Squares from RSC2021 and RSC2022

I made a total of 160 HST squares as a “bonus” when I stitched the “Sawtooth Star” blocks for RSC. The squares are 2.5″ x 2.5″, unfinished, and I have enough HST squares to make two projects so I’ve been looking around for inspiration. Time to choose my projects, and make them shine!

Project #4 – Sawtooth Star Quilt
Sawtooth Star Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

This pretty quilt, made from the Sawtooth Star blocks that I stitched up for the “Rainbow Scrap Challenge” in 2021 and 2022, is ready for quilting.

Project #5 – Shades of Blue Challenge
Shades of Blue Blog Hop

This will be my first finish of 2023, considering the date for the blog hop. No worries; I have something in mind. It will be mostly blue; imagine that!

My “One Monthly Goal” for January is to finish this project in time for the blog hop.

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal January Link-up

Project #6 – Sweet on You Challenge
February Sweet on You blog hop

Another blog hop challenge, and perhaps my second project for 2023! We’ll have to wait until the blog hop in February to see what I create.

Projects #7 & #8 – Monthly Challenge Blog Hop Projects, TBA

I’ll choose two more blog hop challenges for these PHD projects, making sure that I use ideas that have been on the back burner OR fabrics that I have on hand (or both).

Project #9 – Coffee, Tea, or Me: Part 4
Coffee Mugs by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Ideas for this new addition are currently percolating in my mind. (Get it? “Percolating!”) I’ve sketched up a design or two, but l haven’t decided what form it will take. Stay tuned!

Project #10 – Celebrations Throw Quilt
Celebrations Table Runner by Ms P Designs USA

I really think that this table runner design would be lovely, interpreted as a throw quilt. I probably have fabric in my extensive personal textile collection for this quilt, or I could easily steal some pieces from Susan’s stash. (She’ll never miss it, LOL!)

Project #11 – Lemons Kitchen Project

I have at least some of the fabric on hand for this little project, although I haven’t decided what I’m going to make, yet. I have sketched out a lemon applique block that is promising. “When life gives you lemons fabric, make a quilt!”

Project #12 – Christmas Place Mats
Christmas Scrap Bin from Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Mr. Fix-It recently pointed out that while we own a pile of Christmas table runners, we have no Christmas place mats to make a pretty table setting when company comes over for a meal. I put on my thinking cap, pulled out a few pieces of gridded paper & my trusty ruler, and drew up a couple of design ideas. I have Christmas fabrics galore, and plenty of time before Christmas 2023 to stitch up a set of pretty place mats for the holidays.

Project #13 – Diamond Star Quilt (Again)
Diamond Star Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

This project has been on my PHD list since “PHD in 2020”. Each year I’ve made some progress toward the finish, and now the top is completely pieced. So, it seems that I have no other choice- time to get it quilted already!

Project #14 – Star Party Sampler Quilt
Star Party Sampler by Ms P Designs USA

I pieced this quilt for our 2023 “Star Party Sampler” sew along, which starts later this month, and I’d love to get it quilted this year.

New Projects

This is where I’ll post and show pictures of the new projects that aren’t on my PHD list. Yes, I will attempt to finish what I start in order to avoid adding to my UFO list. (It is shorter than it was in 2019, but it’s still a list!)

Ongoing Projects

I intend to participate in the “Rainbow Scrap Challenge” again this year. Here’s my plan-

Carolina Chains
Carolina Chain Blocks 2022 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I’ve made 251 of the 310 blocks that I’ll need for my quilt, so I plan to finish up additional blocks to complete the collection this year. If I already have lots of blocks in the color of the month, I will skip making more Carolina Chain blocks that month and work on piecing sections of the quilt instead. Perhaps I’ll have a finished top by the end of 2023.

Rolling Stones

No, this isn’t about Mick Jagger, although I do get some satisfaction when I listen to the Rolling Stones! My plan is to make at least one “Rolling Stone” block each month for RSC2023. Here’s one block that I made last week, just to see if I like it, and I do!

Rolling Stone by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Progress Update

I like using a task list to break down my projects into smaller steps, and to document my progress by shading the cell as each step is finished. I won’t lie- it is fun to shade those cells! I can’t wait to get started. . .

PHD in 2023 Project Task List by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

This spreadsheet is handy for documenting starts & finishes. (I got the tally spreadsheet from Quilting Gail!)

PHD in 2023 Tally by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Let the fun & games begin! Do you have a collection of projects that haven’t made it to the finish line? Check out the link below to learn how you can join Quilting Gail and the rest of the gang for PHD in 2023.

Happy quilting,


Linking to PHD in 2023

P.S. We’d LOVE to have you join us for our 2023 “Star Party” sampler sew along! We’ll kick off with the first block pattern on January 16. Click the image below for more information.

Star Party Samper Teaser A by Ms P Designs USA

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  1. You’ve got some fun things going on in your quilty space. Love all the funnies throughout your post! I’ll enjoy reading your monthly progress posts and seeing your satisfaction on getting some of these off your list. Happy 2023 and see you next month!

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  2. Glad to hear you’re joining us for PHD in 2023!!! You’ve got some lovely projects to work on!!! And of course, you can change what you finish!!! I do!!! Love your task list! I’ll try to link it to my next PHD in 2023 post!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

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