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December Block of the Month

Hi fellow quilters,

Welcome to our December Block of the Month!  I can’t believe that this is the final post for the 2018 BOM collection.  This year has flown by!  We’d love to have you join our Facebook group,  2018 BOM  and post your BOM photos.

December is here!  I remember the fun that we had, as kids in Montana, when the first snow fell each year.  There were snowball fights on the playground at school, sledding on the hills, and ice skating on the pond.  What fun!  Mom would often welcome us home with a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate to help us warm up.  

Winter in Houston, Texas, (where I live) is really not much different than the other seasons.  It isn’t quite as steamy, but we usually don’t get any of that white stuff.  However, last year was a little different!  This was the sight that we woke up to one morning in December, 2017- our neighbor’s house all covered in snow.  Isn’t it beautiful!

Snow in Houston, Texas, December 2017 by Ms P Designs USA

It was a school day, so I couldn’t stay home and play with Rowdy.  Instead, I played in the parking lot at school with the other teachers and some early-bird students.  What fun we had, throwing snowballs at each other before classes began!  Most of our students, and a few of the teachers, had never seen enough snow to have a real snowball fight, and we really enjoyed ourselves that morning.  Of course, by lunch time the snow was all melted away and all that remained was the photographs and memories.  That’s how it is in Houston, Texas.

This month’s block is an easy pieced Snow Crystal block.  Isn’t it cool! (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

01 Snowflake block

I decided to make this block in crisp blue and white.  Even though it seems like a complicated design, it is fairly easy to piece with the quick-piecing techniques that I’ve discovered over the years.  I hope that you’ll enjoy it too!  You can purchase the Snow Cyrstal block in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

Here’s the miniature quilt that I made using the “Snow Crystal” block:

01 January BOM compressed

I decided to continue the two-color theme into the rest of the quilt.  The center block is surrounded by a narrow white border.  The outer border is pieced, Seminole-style, using blue squares and white triangles.  I did simple outline stitching in white, surrounding all of the blue patches to make them pop out.  The binding is blue, to match the snowflake and the border.

You can purchase the miniature quilt pattern in Ms P’s Pattern Shop!

Thank you for stopping by for a  visit today!  I hope that you’ll enjoy making your easy pieced Snowflake block.  This is the final block for our 2018 BOM program.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed these fun pieced block patterns as much as I enjoyed designing them!  You can catch up on previous BOM posts by clicking the link above.

Until next month- Happy quilting,



Sneak Peek Time!  Shhhh, don’t tell!

We’re getting ready to begin our 2019 BOM program, starting in January!  Here are some of the adorable elephants who are SO excited to meet you.  Won’t this be amazing!

2019 BOM Sneak Peek for December by Ms P Designs USA


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  1. Yes, the elephants WILL be amazing! Thank you for the snowflake star. It looks great in blue and white. Houston reminds me of Phoenix, except Houston has lots more humidity. =)


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