Oh Shoot!, Volume 4

Hi Quilting Friends,

I’m back again with my “best” photos from July and August.  July’s adventures included a 10-day vacation in Montana, to visit my family and spend some time in the great out-of-doors.  Enjoy!

While reviewing my pictures, I found that they could be easily organized into five categories: Family, Flowers, Mountains, Water, and Wildlife!

As always, Family is First!  Here are a few photos with our parents and brothers (plus the dog and the grand kids).



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And now for some flowers!  They were beautiful this summer, probably due to a wetter and cooler Spring:



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I LOVE the mountains!  We don’t have any in Houston.  Nope, none at all.  Really, we don’t even have any good hills around here.  Montana, on the other hand, has gorgeous mountains (at least in the Western and Central part of the State).  Feast your eyes on these!  I can almost smell the fresh, cool mountain air, can’t you?



And those beautiful mountains can make water behave in some outstanding ways!  My brothers and I enjoyed several hikes during my visit, so here are some pictures of the water that we saw:



And finally, the wildlife!  We didn’t go out with the specific goal of seeing wildlife, but we ended up coming across several animals who were just begging for a photo op:

Great Spangled Fritillary July 2019 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Great Spangled Fritillary Butterfly
Black Headed Towhee on Sipes Trail July 2019 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Black Headed Towhee
Bighorn sheep near Logan Pass GNP July 2019 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Bighorn Sheep

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my photos today!  If you’d like to go back and see my previous “Oh Shoot” posts, here are the links to each of them:  Volume 1 (January & February), Volume 2 (March & April), Volume 3 (May & June)

I’m ready to get outside again, looking all around and up and down for interesting and beautiful things to photograph and share.  Please stop by again soon!  Our next blog post will have some quilt pictures, I promise.

Happy quilting,


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