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Virtual Cookie Exchange + 12 Days of Christmas Day 2

Hi Quilting Friends!

Welcome to the second day of our “12 Days of Christmas” blog series! Today we’re participating in the “Virtual Cookie Exchange” blog hop, hosted by our friend Carol from “Just Let Me Quilt”. (Thanks for hosting, Carol! Your blog hops are always loads of fun!) We’re looking forward to a fabulous week of sweet treats and fun Christmas projects.

2019 virtual cookie exchange

My cookie recipe for this year’s Virtual Cookie Exchange is an old standby that I got from my Mom, with a cheerful Christmas twist. I remember making peanut butter cookies quite frequently when I was the household cookie baker as a kid. Everyone in the family experienced my efforts at baking, and I was forced to practice making cookie recipes many times to perfect them for entry into the 4-H baking event at the county fair. That was really a hardship, as everyone had to suffer through consuming my practice batches. Oh the torture of having to eat freshly baked cookies!

Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies by Ms P Designs USA

My own kids always loved peanut butter cookies when they were little guys, and I usually make up a batch of these cute Christmas peanut butter cookie reindeer to share with my teacher friends at school during fall semester finals week.

Aren’t they just adorable! And, take my word for it, they’re deee-licious too. Here’s a plate of pretty and delectable tiny reindeer, all ready for a little Christmas tea party!

I don’t even remember when or where I stumbled across the idea of making peanut butter cookies into cute little edible reindeer, although I wish that I could give credit where it is due. You begin with the basic peanut butter cookie recipe, and then embellish the dough with mini pretzel twists, chocolate chips, and red M & M candies before baking them to perfection. So cute, and so YUMMY! Here’s the recipe; click the picture below to grab a downloadable file with the recipe and baking instructions:

Peanut Butter Cookie Reindeer by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

Here’s our favorite photobomber who also happens to LOVE cookies, if only his humans would share (or just leave the cookies unattended for a minute or two)! Santa is watching, so you’d better be a good boy Rowdy!

Photobomber or Cookie Thief by Ms P Designs USA

I’ve made a cute tea cozy and a pair of colorful place mats from three of our new “Ugly Christmas Sweater” applique designs. Sew much fun! Now let’s have a little tea party. I have some freshly-baked cookies on hand today. (Unless the aforementioned cookie thief had an opportunity to help himself. . .)

I will be writing about how I made the cheerful tea cozy and placemats in the photo during our “12 Days of Christmas” blog series, which continues every day through Debember 12. We have a great lineup of fun projects to share each day. AND, to sweeten the deal, we’ll be having a giveaway for each of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” applique patterns. You won’t want to miss out, so come back and visit!

Thanks for visiting today! Please visit the rest of the participating blogs today for quilters’ eye candy, recipes, and inspiration; find a list with links below!

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Black and White Delight by Ms P Designs USA

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26 thoughts on “Virtual Cookie Exchange + 12 Days of Christmas Day 2

  1. My new son-in-law loves peanut butter cookies and is joining us for Christmas this year. I may have to make these for him. I love the place mats and cozy. They are a lot of fun.


  2. Those are cute cookies! I love peanut butter cookies, but the kids don’t, so we rarely have them. These might help them accept PB cookies more often 😉 thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas.


  3. I love peanut butter cookies AND reindeer – so these are perfect!! Thanks for sharing!!


  4. Good morning! What a cute idea and a great update to everyone’s favorite cookie. I know a few little ones that will enjoy eating these for now, and in the near future can help me decorate and make them. Thank you for sharing the recipe. ~smile~ Roseanne


  5. Cutest little reindeer cookies! And I too must practice the art of baking. I’ve been out of practice for some time as my sons are grown and moved away. Now to start baking them for a sweet grandbaby!


  6. Oh you poor thing! The torture of having to make and eat all those peanut butter cookies! It must have been a hard life! hahahahahahaha I love peanut butter and those reindeer are just too cute. But is that a Santa Moose I spy on a tea cozy???? I’m loving it!


  7. Peanut butter cookies are my very favorite and I have sweet memories of dipping that fork in flour to crisscross the top of them. I think I need new memories of adding antlers to them to make cute reindeer. I love that look on Rowdy! We had a dog eat a whole bag of cookies a friend gave us because we didn’t put them up high enough. Those dogs can be sneaky! Cute, cute place mats with your ugly sweater designs…love them! Thanks for hopping with us and sharing the fun from your house.


  8. Those are the cutest cookies. I don’t bake but I could probably fudge this cuteness using those rolls of cookie dough. Thanks for sharing


  9. Peanut butter is my favorite cookie at any time of the year and during the Christmas season Snickerdoodles get baked many times over here in my home as they are a favorite of the hubby also. Love the cozy and placemat and will look forward to that tutorial. Thanks for sharing today.


  10. Your reindeer cookies are adorable!! Oh, I can’t wait to make a tea cozy like yours!!! So cute!!!


  11. Your cookies are cute looking. Love the animals with the ugly Christmas Sweater. I don’t wear them but I subject my dog to them. 😀


  12. What cute little reindeer you have made. My hubbie loves peanut butter cookies so this recipe is definitely going into my recipe box.


  13. Those cookies are soooo cute! And I imagine you could use a variety of cookie doughs to make them. And the tea cozy and placemats are so much fun, too. Thanks for sharing.


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