2022 Goals Mid-Year Update

Hi Quilting Friends,

Back in December I posted about my goals for 2022. Half of the year has flown by, and it’s time to evaluate my progress (so far) and share it in this post.

2022 Goals

Goal #1: Play with Toys

My goal was to play with one or two of my “toys”, and make something fun.

UPDATE – Goal completed!

I’ve finished making the “A Time to Play” wall quilt, pattern by McKenna Ryan. I love it! I will hang this pretty quilt in my “new” sewing studio space, coming soon.

A Time to Play by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I used the equilateral triangle tool (also from my toy box!) to cut the setting triangles for my “Star Flower” quilt, in progress-

Diamond Star Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #2: Use Scraps & Stash

My goal was to create at least two more scrappy storage boxes (in neutral tones) and finish at least two more quilt tops from my scrap bins and stash during 2022.

UPDATEGoal completed, and exceeded!

I’ve finished stitching my neutral scrappy storage boxes, one in brown/tan and one in black/gray.

I’ve finished three scrappy quilts (so far) this year, and here they are –

  • Christmas Bricks and Stepping Stones by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Crayon Box Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • String Quilt RSC 2021 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #3: Finish at least ONE Large UFO Project

My goal was to choose one of my LARGE UFO quilts, and get it finished up.

UPDATE – Some progress!

Here’s the quilt that I chose to finish this year, as it has looked since I finished piecing the top, back in the late ’90s –

Snail's Trail Batik Top by Sharon

The quilt still looks almost the same. I’ve started quilting, and I hope to get the quilting finished by the end of September.

Goal #4: Participate in the online quilting community

This goal had three sub-goals:

  • Participate in PHD 2022, RSC 2022, and OMG 2022
  • Participate in monthly blog hops
  • Host a sew-along and “Twelve Days of Christmas” blog series

UPDATE This goal is on target with my initial plans!

Goal #5: Carve out space for a dedicated sewing studio

My goal was to clear out the random stuff from our upstairs game room, with the aim of claiming this space for a sewing studio. I snapped a couple pictures of the space before the clearing-out commenced. It had become a dumping ground filled with unused and unwanted things, with no clear system of organization. What a mess!

UPDATE –Significant progress!

My “Mr. Fix-It” patched and repaired the ceiling near the window where we had some nasty water damage. (Thanks Dave!) Next step was fresh paint for the ceilings, walls, and baseboards. I was tasked with the daring ascent to paint the ceiling while suspended above the abyss (aka the stairwell), which I hope to NEVER repeat! I always dress up fancy like this when I’m painting, LOL.

Suspended above the stairwell

Here’s a photo of the space as it looked earlier this week-

I’ve added storage spaces for my studio essentials, now that the paint has dried, with some bookcases from Ikea. My “new” quilting studio’s space will eventually include a sitting area, as well as the existing computing station and a media center.

This makeover was long overdue, and I’m very excited that we’ve made so much progress! My new sewing cabinet & chair are on order, and should arrive within the next week or so. (Did I mention “excited”!)

Progress Evaluation

Goals 1 and 2 are complete, Goal 3 hasn’t progressed much, Goal 4 is on target for completion, and I have made significant progress on Goal 5. Let’s see what else can be accomplished by the end of the year. . .

How are you doing on your 2022 goals, so far?

Happy quilting,


Link to Mid-Year Check In with Yvonne @ Quilting JetGirl

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  1. Wow, you have made wonderful progress on your goals. Congratulations on getting the big makeover of your space so far along and I bet you are excited for the delivery of the new sewing cabinet and chair! I hope the rest of your year progresses as well as the first half. 🙂

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  2. I just did a sewing room renovation myself and I can feel your “pain” that is a lot of work. But it looks amazing already. The difference is huge! A good reason to be excited – good luck with this and the rest of your goals. xo

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