2022 Goals Review

Hi Quilting Friends,

Back in December of 2021 I posted about my goals for 2022. I posted a mid-year update in July. Today I’m reviewing my 2022 goals, now that the year is coming to an end.

2022 Goals

Goal #1: Play with Toys

My goal was to play with one or two of my “toys”, and make something fun.

UPDATE – Goal completed, and exceeded!

In July I shared my “A Time to Play” wall quilt and the “Star Flower” quilt top, both made while playing with my toys.

  • A Time to Play by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Diamond Star Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

I played with my “9 Degree Wedge Ruler” during September & October, and completed this scrappy project-

Nine Degree Wedge Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #2: Use Scraps & Stash

My goal was to create at least two more scrappy storage boxes in neutral tones and finish at least two more quilt tops from my scrap bins and stash during 2022.

UPDATEGoal completed, and exceeded!

I’ve finished my scrappy storage baskets, a scrappy table runner, and four scrappy quilts this year. (The table runner and one scrappy quilt have been finished since my last update.)

  • Black and Gray Scrappy Basket C by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Brown and Tan Scrappy Basket D by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Christmas Bricks and Stepping Stones by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • String Quilt RSC 2021 by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Crayon Box Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Nine Degree Wedge Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Sticks and Stones Quilt by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Goal #3: Finish at least ONE Large UFO Project

My goal was to choose one of my LARGE UFO quilts, and get it finished up.

UPDATEGoal completed!

Snail's Trail Batik Top by Sharon

I started piecing “Jewel of the Prairie” at some point between 1995 and 1999, because I saw it in a magazine and loved the colorful scrappy look. It took a lot of wrestling to quilt this queen-sized project with my little Bernina 1530, but she & I were determined and persistent. Now “Jewel of the Prairie” is finished and fabulous! It’s a colorful & cozy addition to our guest bedroom.

Snail's Trail and Stars B by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
Jewel of the Prairie
Goal #4: Participate in the online quilting community

This goal had three sub-goals:

  • Participate in PHD 2022, RSC 2022, and OMG 2022
  • Participate in monthly blog hops
  • Host a sew-along and “Twelve Days of Christmas” blog series

UPDATE Goal completed!

Goal #5: Carve out space for a dedicated sewing studio

My goal was to clear out the random stuff from our upstairs game room, with the aim of claiming this space for a sewing studio.

UPDATE -Mischief Managed, Mostly

Here’s a photos of the space as it looked earlier this week, with my gorgeous new Bernina 770 QE Plus sewing machine and my fablous sewing machine cabinet-

  • Princess Nina too by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Princess Nina by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA
  • Sewing Studio in progress by Sharon @ Ms P Designs USA

The computer and media space looks about the same as it did for my mid-year update. I intend to (eventually) replace the flooring, and then add a small seating area and a new television, but there are other priorities at the moment.

While my studio isn’t completely finished, it is fully functional and so I’m going to say that this goal has been mostly achieved. I’m very happy to have this dedicated studio space after so many years of stitching on the kitchen table.

I enjoyed having goals to keep me focused upon the things that I wanted to accomplish this year, and I feel satisified with my progress.

Happy quilting,


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Star Party Samper Teaser A by Ms P Designs USA